Discovering The Developmental Origins of Obesity

The Polish Academy of Sciences in Olsztyn, Poland


UCP-1 and alternative thermogenesis

tn cold adaptative thermogenesisMice in which the Ucp1 gene has been inactivated by genetic engineering has established the importance of the UCP1 protein in maintaining body temperature by the production of heat. While one is tempted to say that this specific genetic experiment has established that UCP1 is necessary (and maybe sufficient) for the production of heat to protect body temperature; there are exceptional phenotypes reminding us that the physiological dynamics of heat production are much more varied and interesting than simply adrenergic activation of brown fat thermogenesis. The appearance of novel thermodynamic phenotypes in fact owe their discovery to the targeted inactiviation of Ucp1 by homologous recombination.  What are some of these thermogenic phenotypes that require resolutions.